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Equine QuickTest Blood Typing

In horses, there are 7 main blood group systems (A,C,D,K,P,Q,U) with greater than 30 red blood cell factors. Of these, Ca seems to be one of the most immunogenic (causing allo-immunization) antigens.

Equine Gel Test Crossmatch

Today, the Gel Test is widely used in the world since it quickly became the human Gold standard in the Immunohematology diagnostic field. Thanks to this new technology the sensitivity has been highly increased compared to conventional methods (tube tests or others).

One of the main advantages of the Gel Test technology is the fact that cells never need to be washed for crossmatching or to perform direct antiglobulin testing. Other positive effects are the small sample size needed and the time saving.

Thanks to his long experience in the Immuno-hematology field, we were able to launch the Alvedia Gel Test range which aims at becoming the new veterinarian gold standard in order to provide veterinary health professionals with the most sensitive, reliable and rapid technology.