Urs Giger (Moderator), Philadelphia, PA; Beth Davidow, Seattle, WA; Anne S. Hale, Stockbridge, MI, Justine Lee, Urbana, IL; and others.


Transfusion therapy refers to the safe and effective replacement of blood or one of its components offering support for many critically ill, anemic and bleeding patients. Thereby, blood transfusions have become pivotal in any emergency and critical care setting which led to the large increase of blood product usage over the past two decades. The Transfusion Medicine Academic Awards, given by the NIH to 5 veterinary schools around 1990, have spurred research and greater emphasis on comparative transfusion medicine. Many novel blood banking techniques have recently been developed for use in companion animals. The recent advances have greatly improved the availability, quality and safety of blood products for dogs and cats. However, with the recent increased use of blood products concerns have arisen about their detrimental effects on severely ill and immunocompromised patients.