Alvedia is a company specialized in the veterinary hematology diagnostics field, providing veterinary health professionals with the most advanced and innovative chromatography technology for blood typing, crossmatching and direct antiglobulin testing (Canine/Feline/Equine).

Alvedia is also providing a new Gel Test technology known for its sensitivity. Gel Test crossmatching testing and direct antiglobulin testing will now become fast to use and easy to interpret. Alvedia is also very involved in supporting numerous research project that could have significant benefits in the veterinary transfusion field.




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Alvedia is always ready to explore new technologies, and conscious of the great help they are to the veterinarian community. Its scientific team is dedicated to making continual progress in innovation and research in the field of immunology and blood transfusion.

Values & Confidence

Alvedia’s values are at the core of everything, the company draws its strength in the respect of its principles and clients. We know that to be a successful company we must work together and respect our collaborators in order to adapt to the ever evolving needs of our clients.


Alvedia is committed to being present in world conferences and congresses in the field of animal health. Its implication on the side of professionals is essential.

French Quality

The company is committed to upholding the highest quality standards for our products. Its quality control department tests and validates each and every product before shipment. Alvedia set itself the goal to manufacture products of the highest standard. Our complete range of products is manufactured in France.