FELINE Gel Test Crossmatch



Cats have one main blood group system named AB system with 3 types: blood type A which is the most frequent, blood type B and blood type AB. The presence of naturally occurring alloantibodies in type A and in type B cats requires that blood typing must be performed prior to ALL blood transfusions to avoid an acute haemotytic transfusion reaction. It is now well established that cats possess other blood group systems such as Mik antigen or other unknown systems.

According to recent publications, it is now highly recommended to perform a Crossmatch Test (XM) in cats before the first transfusion. Indeed, the new studies have shown incompatible XM before the first transfusion between cats having the same blood group due to natural antibodies. These studies also describe incompatible XM Tests few days after the first transfusion that was previously compatible using the same donor, demonstrating the existence of other blood group systems and strong allo-immunization.

Our technology

Our Feline XM Gel Test (major and/or minor) is based on an individual Gel Test microtube filled with a mixture of gel and specific feline Antiglobulin reagent that will detect the presence of immunoglobulins (IgG & IgM) and/or C3 components binding to the red blood cells surface. Our Gel Test XM Test will allow you to pick-up incompatibilities across all feline blood groups (A, B, AB, Mik and other unknown antigens…).




  • 10 Gel Tests
  • 2 Buffer solutions
  • 1 Box of gel test



Reliable in case of low pcv (anemia) Thanks to the sensitivity of our specific monoclonal antibodies, even with a very low PCV (hematocrit) will allow you to obtain a reliable Feline blood typing result.

Thanks to our specific membrane technology, the agglutinated red blood cells (RBCs) will be retained at the bottom of the membrane whereas non agglutinated RBCs will continue to migrate to the top of the membrane.

Feline Gel Test Crossmatch  GT-XM-F-10 – Box of 10 Gel Test XM Feline
Trouble Shooting Procedure