Feline Labtest Crossmatch


Importance of crossmatching


Cats have one main blood group system named AB system with 3 types: blood type A which is the most frequent, blood type B and blood type AB. The presence of naturally occurring alloantibodies in type A and in type B cats requires that blood typing must be performed prior to ALL blood transfusions to avoid an acute hemotytic transfusion reaction. It is now well established that cats possess other blood group systems such as Mik antigen or other unknown systems.

According to recent publications, it is now highly recommended to perform a Crossmatch Test (XM) in cats before the first transfusion. Indeed, the new studies have shown incompatible XM before the first transfusion between cats having the same blood group due to natural antibodies. These studies also describe incompatible XM Tests few days after the first transfusion that was previously compatible using the same donor, demonstrating a strong allo-immunization against the same donor indicating the existence of other blood group.




• 2O minutes procedure.


• All material included.


• Time saving.


• Easy handling.


• Reliable results.


• Easy interpretation.




Material provided : 

  • 5 test tubes (5ml)
  • 5 XM membranes
  • 1 white buffer (buffer 1)
  • 1 yellow buffer (buffer 2)
  • 1 wash buffer
  • 5 blood collector strips
  • 5 small pipettes
  • 5 large pipettes


LabTest XM Feline (Crossmatch Test) LT-XM-F – 5 TESTS / BOX
Trouble Shooting Procedure