Dia-Gel Test DAT Canine

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A Direct Antiglobulin Test (DAT) or Coombs Test is performed to detect the presence of antibodies against red blood cells. It is used in the diagnosis of Immune-Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA). IMHA is the most common cause of hemolytic anemia in dogs.

There are 2 forms of IMHA:

• The first one is idiopathic IMHA (or primary IHMA) which is probably due to a dysregulation of the immune system.

• The Second one (secondary IMHA) is associated with several diseases such as infection diseases (virus, bacteria, parasitic…) or haemopathy or auto immune diseases (lupus). Drug reactions could also induce a secondary IMHA


Our canine DAT Gel Test (or Coombs Test) is based on an individual Gel Test microtube filled with a mixture of gel and specific canine Antiglobulin reagent that will detect the presence of immunoglobulins (IgG & IgM) and/or C3 components binding to the red blood cells surface. A positive result indicates an in vivo sensitization with the presence of auto-immune antibodies.

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